Is A Voice Over Artist Really A Necessity?

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Published: 10th January 2013
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Throughout the Web you'll find voice over artists offering their services. They're freelance experts who possess the equipment, the skills, and most of all the voice to make good quality audio content. Like site content writers, web site designers, app developers and SEO experts, they offer a very important service which is in demand.

Precisely why would you need a voice over artist? If you're an online marketer, there are several cases where they can help. To start with, multimedia content is much more valuable than text-based material. A video or audio clip on your website, even if it's just a brief clip that says hello, is almost a guarantee of better conversions.

2nd, a voice over artist can be used to develop a wide range of material to help you drive traffic and generate revenue. You can utilize them for your podcasts, digital info products, social networking material, weblogs, software packages - almost anything.

Do it yourself vs. Using a Pro

The only real issue with using a voice over artist is that it isn't free. For a small business owner running on a small budget, this may make it a challenging proposition. Software programs for producing audio are widely available, sometimes for free. Precisely what it takes on your end is an investment of your energy.

Nonetheless, there are lots of reasons internet marketers typically decide to outsource. To begin with, if you've never done audio before, it may be a very cumbersome task. You won't need a full-scale production studio, but there are technical considerations. Audio production could be something similar to web site design that you sense is best left to a professional.

You may want to outsource simply because you dislike your voice or it doesn't possess the warmth and personality you need. Keep in mind that voice over artists are experts. They put food on the table using their voice and just like a skilled performer, they are fully aware of how to use it efficiently.

Last but not least, you may opt to outsource since it is merely a time-consuming job. To produce a number of videos takes at least an afternoon and if you are doing regular video or audio creation, it may take a large amount of time. When you outsource, you are really purchasing yourself free time.

Finding the Right Voice Talent

There are many freelancers providing this service on the web yet not all are built the same. Given that anyone with a free recording software package may call themselves a 'voice over artist,' you must do your own due diligence prior to hiring one.

The best approach would be to look at as many voice-over websites as possible. A couple of things to consider are:

Samples - Listen to the audio samples they've got posted on their page and evaluate. While you listen, keep in mind the demographic of your target audience. Could their voice fit your target audience?
Testimonials - Search for testimonials from happy customers and see what they've had to say about the voice over artist's productions. Be wary of any professional that does not possess any.
Price - Of course, look at price, but don't make it the deciding factor. It's not worth the money you save to hire a service provider that does not deliver.

Gradually narrow your list to a few and then get hold of them asking about their schedule and explaining your project to them. Check to make sure they can get you the finished work in a timely manner and that they can perform what's required of them.

Hiring a voice over artist can definitely help increase profits for your business! However, hiring the wrong provider can cost more in the long run. Jeff has been providing his expert services to many satisfied clients for over 2 years. How does this help you? Well, he has the voice that drives the customer to take out their wallets and put cash in yours. Contact Jeff at today!

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